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Executive Director’s Report

Dr. Bill Underwood of Mercer University, Tracie Revis, Director of Advocacy of the Ocmulgee National Park and Preserve Initiative (ONPPI), Mayor Lester Miller, and Chairman of the MBCIA Board, Robby Fountain stand together at Georgia Trend Magazine’s 2023 Most Influential Georgians Awards Ceremony.

In this month’s Executive Director’s Report, we highlight the economic outlook forecasted and participation in insightful events like the GEDA 2024 Legislative Leaders Meeting. The current economic landscape inspires the MBCIA in advancing economic development, while recognition for this crucial work at the Georgia Trend’s 2023 Most Influential Georgians Awards Ceremony spotlights the theme that the MBCIA’s success is a collective effort with community and statewide partners alike.

The strategic outlook for Macon-Bibb County and the surrounding region forecasts growth even when other areas are experiencing the opposite. We appreciate the experts’ opinions on these things, and we are proud to say we anticipated continuing the pattern of success to improve the quality of life in Macon-Bibb County.

Last week, we were honored to attend the Georgia Economic Developers Association (GEDA) 2024 Legislative Leaders Meeting at the Georgia State Capitol. As one of the largest state legislatures in the nation, it’s invaluable to hear updates from State legislators from various regions who expressed their appreciation for GEDA’s ongoing work to enhance the state of Georgia’s economic development environment. Insight, experience, and collaboration guides the MBCIA in remaining intentional in advancing economic development and creating a robust workforce ecosystem in Macon-Bibb County. We achieve a strong foundation of thriving industries that invest in the area with a forward-thinking approach to our leadership’s decision making and investing deliberately into our community’s programs and education.

Photo Credit: GEDA

We are honored to be a part of the Georgia Trend’s 2023 Most Influential Georgians Awards Ceremony where Mayor Lester Miller, Chairman Robby Fountain, and Stephen Adams, were recognized last week. Many others were honored both locally and around the state whose tremendous work impacts the lives of Georgians. To boot, no MBCIA success is an individual endeavor. Working together with our community partners like Macon-Bibb County, Macon Water Authority, Bibb County Board of Education, VisitMacon, the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce, Urban Development Authority, and many others, our collective efforts create the wins that propel our community forward.

Coupled with our steadfast efforts to nurture and grow local talent for a robust industrial workforce pipeline have combined to create a symbiotic relationship supporting our unwavering commitment to elevating the quality of life for all residents of Macon-Bibb County. The MBCIA commits to create a thriving economic environment that inspires industries, stakeholders, and the community to join us in our mission of #MaconOpportunies to create a better future for Macon-Bibb County and continue to make us one of the best places to do business.


Existing Industry Manager’s Report

VIdeo Credit: Bibb CTAE

Hold onto your hats for 2024! We’ve got a spectacular lineup of updates on our Community Developers Program CD2 and industry events, including an Industry Partner Lunch that promises to shine a spotlight on a triumphant tale of workforce development. These success stories all feature dynamic partnerships between community partners and local industry. Stay tuned for this exciting journey! 

In December, we highlighted the joint effort of The MBCIA and the Hutchings College and Career Academy partnering to create the CD2 program. This leading-edge program aims to train educators to link students with local businesses to enhance workforce preparation and career readiness. The inaugural Cohort started the program in December 2023 and experienced their first retreat to the Port of Savannah with an interactive bus tour on Saturday, January 6, 2024.  

Part of the visit included a classroom-style workshop led by a Port Authority representative detailing what a day at port entails. The day was full of engaging conversations about industry connectivity and a prepared workforce to lead the charge in preparing Macon-Bibb County students. 

Additionally, the MBCIA team continues to invest its time in assisting our newly recruited industries, property development, and our existing industry partners’ success.  Our preparation for connecting with our industries in 2024 is in full swing, and we have some exciting enhancements to our existing industry events. Be on the lookout for updates on the upcoming Industry Partner Lunch where we will highlight an encouraging story of workforce development made possible by a partnership between Hutchings College and Career Academy and a renowned, local industry— stay tuned! 


Letter from the Project Manager

The year is off to a hot start! Starting 2024 in stride, just as we ended it, we have multiple companies seeking property in Macon-Bibb County.  Our county continues to be a desired destination for companies that want to be logistically centered in the state.  No wonder, as we are just 76 miles from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and 180 miles from the Port of Savannah where the electric car industry is booming.  

The MBCIA exists for the betterment of Macon-Bibb County committed to the goal of bringing in strategic capital investment and job creation.  By the same token, we are intentional to care for the companies we recruit while always mindful of the objective of producing high-quality jobs. The programs and initiatives we invest time and resources into further commit to not oversaturate the labor force but produce a more talented local workforce. Rest assured that there is great consideration given to any company that wants to become a corporate member of Macon-Bibb County, and we remain selective on how we appropriate our remaining industrial tracts.      

I have spent most of January collecting information on companies wanting to locate here to present before our highly experienced board of directors.  Be on the lookout for good things coming down the pipeline!   




Industry Spotlight

January Prospect Recap 3 RFIs 27 Active Projects We are proud to highlight the recent Industrial Prospect activity. In January, the MBCIA experienced significant industrial prospect activity. We received 3 Requests for Information (RFIs), indicating a strong interest from potential investors. Additionally, the MBCIA managed 27 active projects, demonstrating a robust pipeline of opportunities for economic growth and development in the region. This activity underscores the MBCIA’s ongoing commitment to fostering a thriving business environment in Macon-Bibb County. 



Community Partner Feature

We are proud to highlight the County and community leadership for their continued commitment to public safety. Great strides are taking place this year in public safety improvement efforts in Macon-Bibb County. For the third year in a row, Mayor Lester Miller and the Commission have dispersed nearly $2 million in annual public safety incentives. These incentives are instrumental in boosting both morale and retention in our public safety personnel in Macon-Bibb County.  

Additionally, the Macon Violence Prevention (MVP), a collaborative initiative that unites over 20 groups and their leaders and representatives to prevent violence continues to address public safety in Macon-Bibb County. This data-driven program is supported and funded by the consolidated government and guided by the MVP Strategic Plan, combining community feedback with data and research. The MVP identifies and implements proven solutions to reduce violent crime and strengthen the community over time. 

Both the MVP program and public safety incentives are geared to strategically combat violence in the community to create a safer, stronger future. We would like to extend our gratitude to Mayor Lester Miller, the Commission, community stakeholders, and all our public safety team members for their dedication and service to our community. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. 

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