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Executive Director’s Report

From left to right: Stephen Adams, Executive Director, MBCIA, and Gary Wilson, Project Manager, MBCIA, at a local industry in Macon, Georgia.

At MBCIA, we see ourselves as more than just an organization— we see ourselves as the gatekeepers of our community’s industrial landscape. Our vision is bold and proactive: to serve as the central hub of information and advocacy, connecting industries, gathering vital data, and fostering collaboration at every level. We aim to be the driving force behind sustainable growth and prosperity, igniting innovation, and creating an environment where businesses thrive, and our community thrives alongside them.

Over the past several years, we have recognized the value of sharing the story of MBCIA’s mission—to bring long-term economic advancement to Macon-Bibb County—with the public and stakeholders alike. Incorporating strategic events and partnering with valuable community initiatives bolsters our economic development storytelling. This month, we successfully conducted a strategic planning session where we invited local and state partners to fuel the discussions. The outcome: clear objectives and tactics to foster an even greater level of engagement and growth in 2024.

Another valuable effort we are thrilled to share is our cooperation in supporting The Ocmulgee National Park and Preserve Initiative (ONPPI) through a support letter to the 118th Congress. This letter emphasizes our steadfast dedication to establishing the Ocmulgee Mounds National Park and Preserve, highlighting several crucial aspects of the swift passage of legislation for its creation. The MBCIA recognizes the importance of preserving the cultural and natural heritage of the Ocmulgee region and the significant economic benefits that the Park and Preserve will bring to our community. Since this endeavor’s inception, we have remained dedicated to collaborating with stakeholders and partners. Together, we are progressing towards achieving this transformative project for Macon-Bibb County and beyond.

Our unwavering dedication to nurturing local talent and fostering a dynamic industrial workforce, combined with our relentless pursuit of enhancing the quality of life for every resident of Macon-Bibb County, has sparked a powerful synergy. At MBCIA, we are committed to cultivating a thriving economic ecosystem that inspires industries, stakeholders, and the community to rally behind our mission of #MaconOpportunities. Together, we’re shaping a vibrant future for Macon-Bibb County, solidifying our position as a top-notch business destination where endless possibilities await.

Existing Industry Manager’s Report

Eleyce Coleman, Existing Industry Manager, presents for CD2.

Eleyce Coleman, Existing Industry Manager at Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority, delivers an engaging presentation during the February session of the Community Developers Program (CD2).

This month we share about MBCIA’s efforts to intensify our industry engagement efforts, leveraging partnerships to bolster local business connections and engagement. Looking ahead, we’re committed to elevating our support for existing industries, recognizing collaborative efforts, and making Macon-Bibb County a premier business destination.

In Q1 we ramped up our existing industry engagement and leveraged some of our partnerships to best support our local industry. Through collaboration with Visit Macon, we are incorporating their Ambassador Program into industry leadership onboarding. The program is being individualized for our existing industry leadership personnel that are new to the Macon area. We have added an industrial focus to the outstanding tour of the area. Our industries are invited to take advantage of the opportunity to experience first-hand views of the surrounding industrial parks to build connectivity and awareness. Additionally, the Ambassador Program fosters an overall relationship between MBCIA’s existing industries and Macon-Bibb County— encouraging connection and longevity.

In 2024, we are taking our engagement and support of our existing industry to the next level. We outlined how to best support our industry partners in this continued season of growth as a major focus of our team’s strategic planning. Several exciting new endeavors have emerged, focusing on promoting collaborative workforce development and strengthening the overall bond between existing industries and Macon-Bibb County. As a proactive measure, we are implementing a process to acknowledge one industry partner per quarter. Through this initiative, we aim to spotlight industry efforts in collaboration and reinvestment into the Macon-Bibb community. We look forward to inspiring our valuable stakeholders to join us in our mission of #MaconOpportunies to create a better future for Macon-Bibb County and continue to make us one of the best places to do business.

Letter from the Project Manager

With the weather beginning to clear this past week, I had a lot of fun getting out and checking the industrial building projects that are underway in Macon-Bibb County. The weather is better, but we cannot discount the foot of rain we had in mid-February. Nevertheless, Ocmulgee East and other construction projects remain in full swing.

Gary Wilson, MBCIA Project Manager, on-site at Saia LTL Freight Macon.

I captured SAIA LTL Freight Macon’s first day on the job. Located on Joe Tamplin Industrial Blvd., their mission statement says it all, “To safely drive our customer’s success with custom solutions built on the three pillars of our service-focuses values: people, purpose and performance.” What can possibly be behind this giant wall of earth? Stay tuned to the April newsletter for the revealing!

Coca-Cola United Bottling Company (CCUBC) on Jennifer Drive is dotting its i’s, crossing its t’s, and moving along at an impressive pace. This project began in winter of 23’, and we plan to have more updates from them soon. Macon-Bibb County is highly attractive to new industry, and as we can see from the CCUBC expansion, a great place to call home! We hope you find the industry activity as encouraging as we do here at the MBCIA.

Until next time,


Industry Spotlight

Aligned with our commitment to intensify our industry engagement efforts, MBCIA is launching a designated Quarterly Industry Partner. This initiative is kicking off with a comprehensive survey that provides data-driven understanding of the accomplishments of our local industries. Each will be featured throughout the quarter in MBCIA’s newsletter and become qualified for the “Industry of the Year” award, chosen at the Macon Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Ceremony in December. We look forward to leveraging partnerships to bolster local business connections and engagement and applauding MBCIA industry partners that are making significant contributions to the Macon-Bibb County community at large.

Community Partner Feature

We are proud to highlight the Macon-Bibb County (MBC) for their continued dedication and innovative efforts to enhance our community for future generations.

Last month, we highlighted MBC’s endorsement of the Macon Violence Prevention (MVP) program. Subsequently, MVP, aimed at reducing violent crime, gained state recognition. Mayor Lester Miller and various partners accepted a 2024 Visionary City Award from the Georgia Municipal Association and Georgia Trend Magazine on behalf of the County. MVP’s impact has enabled approximately 50 agencies and non-profits to broaden their services, reaching more of our youth community.

Moreover, the launch of the Atrium Health Amphitheater underscores MBC’s dedication to civic involvement and quality of life development. This venue is dedicated to hosting premier live entertainment and free community events, including Movies in the Park, Food Truck Fest, Local Live Music Nights, and non-profit programming, among others, through this new partnership. Additionally, the amphitheater’s exclusive donation program supports healthcare initiatives and advancements in Central and South Georgia. OVG360 operates the amphitheater on behalf of Macon-Bibb County and has announced its opening night concert on March 24th and five subsequent events in 2024.

Prospect Activity

February Prospect Recap 3 RFIs 30 Active Projects We are pleased to highlight the current Industrial Prospect activity. This activity demonstrates the MBCIA’s continuous commitment to creating a successful business environment in Macon-Bibb County.