The Macon Bright Program

The Macon Bright Program was developed to locally incentivize the private sector to renovate, rehabilitate, and/or re-purpose deteriorated or challenged industrial and commercial properties.





The program provides an effective “tax freeze” at current levels for renovated, rehabilitated, and/or re-purposed property for a period of time not to exceed five (5) years for properties pre-qualified under the Macon Bright Program, operated by MBCIA.

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Through the Macon Bright Program, MBCIA will issue its 2023 “Bright” Bonds to cover up to $25 million in multiple projects for qualifying businesses. The program will allow for acquisition and improvements to properties over the next 10 years of the program period. Bright Bonds will be a vehicle only, in a bond-for-title in order to provide tax freeze/savings. No actual cash or funds will be borrowed or loaned.