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Airport South Property: Garrison Property Demo

The Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority (the “Authority” or the “Owner”) has acquired several parcels with structures in the County and intends to remove all structures from said parcels (hereinafter the “Project”). The subject work (the “Scope of Work,” or “Work”) is only one part of the Project. Future phases of the Project may be conducted with the successful Responder to this RFP based upon unit pricing. No other part of the Project is covered by this Request for Proposal (“RFP” or “Request”).

The area surrounding the Project still has businesses and tenants occupying nearby properties. The Authority wishes to maximize savings on demolition and removal of the structures, while disrupting or disturbing neighboring businesses and tenants as little as possible.

The Authority was created for the purpose, among others, of developing commerce in the County. The Authority will be using its own funds for the purpose, among others, of economic development, including the Scope of Work.