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Executive Director’s Report

A woman in a blue blazer and a man in a laid blazer sit in front of GEDA banner, they are addressing a room.

Stephen Adams acts as moderator at a Georgia Economic Development Association event held in Macon, Georgia.

Despite the thermometer’s reluctance to budge, the Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority (MBCIA) continues to surge forward this September, showcasing how growth can rival the unwavering power of the southern sun. Last month, our industrious team at MBCIA has been on fire, propelling our community towards unprecedented progress. With the support and partnership of Georgia Economic Developers Association (GEDA), we had the privilege of hosting a gathering of distinguished executives from various development authorities across Georgia.  

This exciting event provided a unique opportunity for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the exchange of innovative ideas. As the scorching sun bathed our city in its golden rays, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation and enthusiasm. The executives, representing the brightest minds in economic development, were captivated by the dynamic energy and potential that Macon holds. They were treated to a firsthand experience of our thriving business ecosystem, witnessing the remarkable growth and success that our community has achieved. 

With unwavering determination, we continue to spearhead initiatives attracting new businesses, fostering job creation, and stimulating economic growth. Our passion for the community is infectious, as we shared insights and experiences with our esteemed guests.   

The gathering served as a testament to the unwavering commitment of the MBCIA to foster economic development and create a thriving business environment. It was a celebration of our achievements and a platform for forging new partnerships that will further propel our community towards unparalleled success.

Existing Industry Manager’s Report

A group of people sit around a U-shaped tabled in a restaurant.

Members of the I-75 Business Park enjoy lunch at Texas Border Grille.

Eleyce Coleman is the hostess with the mostest, meeting with the occupants of I-75 Business Park for a delightful lunch at Texas Border Grille this month. Gathered around the table, engaging conversation filling the room, a warm and inviting atmosphere helped to nurture the professional relationships that the MBCIA has worked intentionally to steward. Add in the delicious aroma of a hot-off-the-grill steak enticing everyone’s taste buds and you had an enjoyable and productive afternoon of networking for the industry park neighbors.

Our focus on Existing Industry is what sets MBCIA apart from other economic development organizations. In her role as the Existing Industry Manager, Eleyce diligently collaborates with the industries that have already made Macon-Bibb their home. Eleyce cares greatly about the experience of our partners, and connecting with each person, making them feel valued and appreciated, motivates her daily. Her primary goal is to ensure that these businesses have access to all the necessary resources for their success in their current operations, connections and contributions to the community, and their forward-thinking growth.  

Generating opportunity to empower Macon-Bibb County’s existing industry and foster an environment where they can thrive is producing a positive impact in the community that will bloom for many years to come. Eleyce sees relationships as a series of deposits and withdrawals, and the goal is to always keep a net positive by making valuable deposits every day. By working closely, ensuring that existing industries have everything they need to flourish in their business endeavors, MBCIA is also ensuring that our community will always experience the dividend of these investments.  We appreciate our existing industry here in Macon-Bibb County and welcome new ones with open arms.  

Letter from the Project Manager

August was a super busy month at MBCIA, with tons of projects really picking up steam. On top of our regularly scheduled programming, our team tackled a littering problem with vengeance. Part of our solution has been weekly cleanups in Ocmulgee East Industrial Park, and we just completed a massive cleanup in I-75 Business Park. We are also engaging industry to help us with this initiative of keeping our parks clean so that we may showcase our community in the best way possible. Macon is an international city with industry partners like Kumho, Irving, and long-time corporate citizen YKK AP, we are all stewards of this city and we want to work together to put our best foot forward.  


Industry Spotlight

In August, Stephen Adams attended the Japan-America Society Of Georgia Annual Dinner Gala as a guest of YKK USA.