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Jo Pitts, an Assistant Plant Manager with Aspen Products Inc, graduated from Middle Georgia University with a Master of Science in Management and a concentration in Supply Chain Management, while also being a proud member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. As a mother with two kids and a full-time job, how was she able to also go to school and get her master’s degree?

“This goal was set a long time ago for me. I wanted to be a positive role model for my children and realized that I was doing the job already so why not pursue my Master’s?”

Accessibility, price, and program timeline were incredibly important factors when Pitts decided she wanted to pursue her master’s degree. MGAStrategicPartnerships at Middle Georgia State University (MGA) had all three. Dr. Melinda Robinson-Moffet, the creator of MGAStrategicPartnerships, said that this was not by accident.

“There has been tremendous research conducted to understand what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and how educators need to address the challenges that adult learners face.” Dr. Robinson-Moffett and the team at MGA worked with local and regional leadership to create a program that employees would want to utilize.

Dr. Robinson-Moffett expands to say, “Research suggests the most effective tool in providing working adults access to learning has been online courses. In this digital age, universities and colleges are better suited today more than ever before to provide working adults with easy access to continue their studies.”

The flexibility of the program is really what makes it work and worth it. Online courses start at $113.67 per credit hour, plus fees. A bachelor’s degree can be obtained for less than $20,000 at MGA. The cost remains the same no matter where you’re located worldwide. With this purely online program, there will never be out-of-state fees.

“Middle Georgia State University has a robust online campus that appeals to working adults with college aspirations. As employees attempt to balance career and family obligations, upper management can be confident that Middle Georgia State will require zero time in the classroom and allow the maximum flexibility afforded with an online format,” details Dr. Robinson-Moffett.

Flexibility and open communication were keys to success for Pitts while balancing so many moving parts during her courses. “The professors related to life occurrences and would work with you if something arose. It is great to know we are all humans.”

Each online course is broken into eight-week sessions from start to end. Most commonly, students take 1-2 courses every eight weeks. The program is designed for students to go at their own pace. These aspects of the program make school, work, and personal life more than manageable.

Not only did Pitts feel comfortable going into the program, but she exited feeling much more confident. From her own words, “You certainly do not pursue a management degree expecting little to no papers, but I am now a stronger writer as well as a speaker. School has made me a stronger writer and a more confident speaker.”

The Office of Strategic Partnerships is dedicated to helping businesses have access to education for their employees. Their online campus offers not only master’s degrees, but bachelor’s, associates, and certifications.

“Having the opportunity to walk across that stage and receive your degree is such a fulfilling experience.  And to experience that moment with family and friends is more than I can describe,” reminisced Pitts.

MBCIA’s goal is to provide resources to our industries for employee and business growth. The MGAStrategicPartnerships program is a resource that employees of any level can utilize to expand their knowledge and grow in their organization. Dr. Melinda Robinson-Moffet said, “Middle Georgia State University is delighted to partner with the Existing Industries of the Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority.”