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Celebrating YKK Corporation of America’s 50th Anniversary


The Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority (MBCIA) is celebrating the 50th anniversary of YKK Corporation of America’s (YKK) factory in Macon, GA this year! This milestone not only commemorates YKK’s remarkable journey but also highlights the bond that has lasted half a century between the company and the Macon-Bibb County community.

Dedication of the Heart of Friendship Sculpture at the Macon Chamber of Commerce in 1977.

YKK’s story in the United States began in 1960 as a zipper distributor in New York City. By 1970, the company had expanded its footprint, establishing assembly plants nationwide. In 1974, YKK’s newest facility found its home in Macon, Georgia, marking the beginning of a long-term  relationship with the community. The decision was made possible by the warm hospitality of Macon-Bibb citizens.

The ties between YKK and the Macon-Bibb County community run deep, with historical family connections still enriching our current Chair and Vice Chair of MBCIA.  MBCIA has been instrumental in nurturing the lasting relationship between YKK and the Macon community. Through collaborative and personal efforts, MBCIA has helped YKK navigate the local business landscape, fostering growth and innovation.

“My father became good friends with Mr. Tadao Yoshida, former YKK chairman, and they maintained a personal relationship throughout their lives. It’s a great honor and privilege for me to follow in my father’s footsteps of being involved in this entity. It is also both emotional and an honor to be here 50 years later to help YKK celebrate their anniversary here in Macon-Bibb County. They’re an excellent partner, and we are extremely fortunate to have had their leadership in our community for all these years.”

  • Dwight Jones, MBCIA Board vice chair

“As I reflect on YKK, my thoughts invariably turn to my father, whose legacy intertwines with the very foundation of this company. Serving as the county engineer, he played an instrumental role in the layout and construction of YKK facilities in Macon-Bibb County back in 1974. Today, I am deeply honored to carry forth his dedication and support for YKK, ensuring its continued growth and prosperity.”

  • Robert E. ‘Robby’ Fountain Jr., MBCIA board chair

Since establishing its facility in Macon in 1974, YKK has flourished. Founder Tadao Yoshida even formed a lifelong friendship with President Jimmy Carter as a result of those early interactions in Macon. As we commemorate this significant milestone, we recognize the role YKK has played in contributing to the growth of the region.

The company’s Macon facility stands as a testament to its long-term commitment to the community, fostering partnerships that have stood the test of time. MBCIA congratulates YKK once again on their 50th anniversary in Macon, and we look forward to a future of continued success and opportunity!