The History of the Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority

The Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority (MBCIA) is a public body corporate and politic, and an instrumentality of Bibb County and the City of Macon. The Authority was established by the General Assembly of Georgia by an Act of the Legislature approved by the Governor on February 27, 1962.

The MBCIA is Macon-Bibb’s lead economic development authority.

The MBCIA was created for the public purpose of promoting and expanding, for the public good and welfare, industry and trade within Macon-Bibb County, Georgia and reducing unemployment to the greatest extent possible. The MBCIA has developed and owns land in several industrial parks, and also leases manufacturing, warehousing and office space.

A six-member board consisting of the following governs the Authority: the Mayor of Macon-Bibb County, four Macon-Bibb County Appointees and one appointment by the three specifically appointed members.

Duties of the Authority include, but are not limited to:

  • Acquire, develop and maintain Industrial Parks within Bibb County.
  • Actively acquire and develop new properties suitable for industrial development.
  • Operate, maintain and lease warehousing, manufacturing, office space their catalog of industrial parks.
  • Assist and coordinate with local public and private entities in promoting the mission and purpose of the Industrial Authority.
  • Induce bond financing for qualified projects.
  • Coordinate with companies to assist and incentivize their decisions to locate in Macon-Bibb County.